Lighting up the Emergency Department

It was an amazing experience to Light up the employees of Wyandotte Henry Ford Hospital. We greeted them with -Yellow balloons
- t-shirts
-Hearts for their badges
-A full Chicken dinner meal
-Boxes full of amazing bags that contained selfcare items.
- Thank you Cards

They were having a very heavy night, we delivered to the midnight team. When the Department Manager Anna saw the balloons and the all of the items she was in tears. She thanked me a million times and said how the staff needed this encouragement. The items were dropped off.
Later that evening Anna sent in pictures of the Emergency Department breakroom decorated in yellow with balloons, she had put the posters on the wall and the staff was eating their meal. She then informed that the emergency department was so inspired that they decided to light up the ICU. We received pictures of the ICU lit up and then the ICU lit up the PCU and it continued to each unit of the hospital. One single Act of kindness spread and lit up the entire hospital staff.

Using the color yellow and #Lightitup we created awareness to love and kindness. The spreading of the color yellow inspired everyone that viewed it. Visibly you could see the love and light spread though the hospital as each unit decorated yellow with their act of kindness.
I was blessed lighting up the staff, the staff was encouraged and the awareness with the color yellow inspired the by standers/ the veiwers.

Win, Win, Win. #Lightitup Sandra Landau R.N. CEO Of Rockstar Testimony

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