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Dusty Simmers is a bad ass RockSTAR. She is a single Momma, Director of the Rockstar Platform, Co-founder of  The light it up project , platform Sponsor & volunteer , Resilience & Transformation coach & Speaker.

Discovering the Beautiful Outlaw within Coaching Program will help you heal emotional traumas & find your true authentic self. The amazing beautiful outlaw that you have been created to be.

For a free support session and more information regarding the Beautiful Outlaw within coaching program , please email Dusty dustyanne@thebeautifuloutlawacademy.com

D’Leene Deboer is a Registered Nurse , Director of Wellness Education for the Light it up project, platform sponsor & volunteer, Resilience & transformation Coach, Author, Speaker and Podcast Host that uses her professional & personal experience to help other people.

She gives you four amazing steps to turn adversity into opportunity with The Forged Method.

For a free Support session and more information for D’leenes coaching services, please email D’Leene at


Jen Engel  a Nursing school student, Platform sponsor & volunteer of the light it up project.

She  is a certified Ayurvedic health coach offering services in Holistic healing through the wisdom or our own bodies.

For a free support session and  more information  for Jens coaching services please email Jen at jpekrul@live.ca

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