Kindness while creating awareness for emotional & mental wellness.

Campaign: Awareness for resilience & transformation of emotional & mental wellness.  We SUPPORT people by lighting them up with Acts of kindness, Sharing our stories, Sharing free education, free resources, inspiration and encouragement & free support groups coming soon. Light it up Day is the last Sunday of every month. Community acts of kindness while creating awareness for emotional and mental wellness. As part of the project, we also have an Awareness challenge.

Awareness & Acceptance in UNITY hitting back for hope with love and light for emotional and mental wellness. A positive mindset & Self love can transform your life. Stigma almost killed me and I felt alone because I was afraid to ask for help. I never want anyone to feel alone or shamed of any silent battle they are fighting.We can all use emotional support. We are in your corner and flying the YELLOW in unity . We are in this together and no one fights alone. There is hope for healing and I am living proof. Sandra Landau RN

Please visit our TAKE ACTION page if you support our Project and would like to join us in lighting up the world.

Please join our campaign and help us light it up the world with one act of kindness, one story and one message at a time. I am one person shining my light and sharing my voice, but together we can create light in this world. Sandra Landau RN.


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