The Light It up Challenge

Post a picture or video on social media of an act of kindness using yellow and tag three other people challenging them to #lightitup.

I am Sandra Landau, Registered Nurse from Metro Detroit Michigan. I experienced new onset Anxiety, depression and PTSD from trauma cases I worked when I was a nurse in the Emergency Department. That lead to a brutal divorce and years of being in a dark hell. Including a prescription pill addiction and a suicide attempt. The only reason I survived was because of Acts of kindness from other people. The Act of Kindness from Dave Scatchard AllSTAR Coaching to give FREE life coaching to thousands of people literally saved my life from that dark hell. I have created this challenge to bring awareness to a positive mindset & self-care (emotional and mental health) while spreading love and kindness and posting pictures and videos on social media to inspire anyone watching that may be going through a hard time and need to see something positive, encouraging, and inspiring. I never want anyone to feel alone in their silent battles, I am flying yellow for you. I challenge you to #LIGHTITUP too. We are in this together and no one fights alone. We are in your corner hitting back for hope.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within” ~ Maya Angelou

ONE POSITIVE THOUGHT can clear the darkness from your day

A GROUP OF POSITIVIE ACTIONS can lift up a family, a cause, and a community.

A UNITED PEOPLE creating AWARENESS under the color of yellow, spreading love and light can Light up the World.

When you watch the news or log on to social media everything is mainly focused on division and negative content. Can you imagine logging on to social media and seeing thousands of pictures and videos creating awareness and doing acts of kindness? We want to flip the script from a negative focus to a positive while showcasing brotherly love. Acts of kindness can SAVE lives.

Can you now imagine the IMPACT of bringing the world together under the COLOR of yellow in UNITY and with one MESSAGE of LOVE creating awareness for a positive mindset, Selflove, brotherly love, emotional & mental health?   The Light it Up challenge is to bring love and light to the world in UNITY while creating impact for HOPE.

I am one person, but together we can light up the world. I challenge you to #LIGHTITUP




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